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Sinister Social Network by Annina RĂ¼st
The project seeks to find out what targets of new data-surveillance algorithms could look and sound like. It is based on research into software that analyzes communications patterns, isolating groups that behave suspiciously. Sinister populates public IRC chat servers with friendly chat bots that behave innocently but will occasionally veer off into the conspirative. [...]
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Track-The-Trackers--- by annina ruest
TRACK-THE-TRACKERS is a non-pragmatic outdoor computing project: To those who choose to participate, it offers an expanded audible (not a visual!) experience of the proliferation of video surveillance in the urban public sphere. The mobile unit, the TRACK-THE-TRACKERS--- bag consists of a laptop, a gps-receiver, a generic computer mouse and headphones. [...]
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TelematicMix by Sejal Chad, Beatrice Gibson, Adrian Ward
Hamlet.3.1 by n3krozoft mord

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