Sinister Social Network
Annina Rüst

The project seeks to find out what targets of new data-surveillance algorithms could look and sound like. It is based on research into software that analyzes communications patterns, isolating groups that behave suspiciously. Sinister populates public IRC chat servers with friendly chat bots that behave innocently but will occasionally veer off into the conspirative. Users can interact with the bots through a “Friendster”-type environment and by phone using access numbers in various countries. Diagrams are drawn automatically of the chat bot’s conversation patterns. Users can annotate these pattern diagrams with interpretations. The diagramming robot can also be sent out to any IRC chat room to check for sinister communications patterns. Because sinister networks are everywhere – you just need to know how to look for them!

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keywords: voip-subjectivity-political-multiuser-friendly-
talking-robot-irc-community software for the Internet
category: bots and agents
uploaded by annina, 08 Dec 2005

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