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theBot, Amy Alexander
TelematicMix, Sejal Chad, Beatrice Gibson, Adrian Ward
DeArt - DeCSS Art Contest (et al), Tom Vogt and Various Authors
UNMOVIE, Ax. Heide, Onesandzeros, Ph. Pocock, Gr. Stehle
f*ck f*ck, Chilliwilli (MrThomasRathboneEsq)
rand()%, Joe Gilmore / Tom Betts
Track-The-Trackers---, annina ruest
Auracle, Max Neuhas, Phil Birk, Jason Freeman, Sekhar Ramachrisnan, Kristjan Varnik, David Birchfiled
State of the Union, Brad Borevitz, Garrett Lynch
Arteroids, Jim Andrews, alex

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