Myron Turner mines web sites and library catalogues for words which signify "big" questions of philosophy and religion, and then creates a searchable database; currently it holds circa 65,000 library and 45,000 web entries. Typically, you search for terms other than the "big" terms to see how they live in the contexts of our culture, and then link to the web sites or library catalogues to further explore these contexts. It includes a real time window where the results of the data-mining can be watched, both the raw accumulation of found data and the software code itself as it moves through its paces. The point is to show the dynamic of the Internet as it moves from its hidden depths of code ouot into the vast space of data.

project homepage:
keywords: semantic-database-interactive-perl-javascript-
literary-conceptual-realtime-network software for the Internet
category: conceptual software
uploaded by turnermm, 08 Sep 2004

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