daniel c. howe

'bugout' is an interactive sound-environment based upon principles of reversible/energy-free computation. By adding & removing 'agents', each of which follow a simple ruleset, users affect a wide range of parameters in the resulting composition. Sound, created via real-time synthesis, occurs on collisions between agents as they follow their algorithmic trajectories. While compositions begin in simplistic fashion, underlying the work is a simulation engine that not only enables complex emergent behavior, but theoretically supports energy-free computation. At its core, the work attempts to create a dynamic & expressive space in which perceptions of computation as sterile or lifeless are challenged & the creative potential of generative systems foregrounded.

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project homepage: http://mrl.nyu.edu/~dhowe/bugout
keywords: reversible-interactive-audiovisual-sound-generative-
algorithmic software for the Internet and java
category: generative art/algorithmic multimedia
uploaded by canazon, 15 Feb 2005

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