Log Cam
Influenza (Rafael Marchetti and Raquel Rennó)

Logcam is a proposal aimed at exploring the capacity for exchange between languages and supports. The advent of the digital media has become central to the discussion relating to the two means and their possibilities, since media can be used as a channel for the exchange of different kinds of information (auditory, visual, verbal etc) and between individuals living in many parts of the world, who are nevertheless aware of its potential use in controlling these same individuals.
However, is it not true that constructed and codified languages very often present in the traditional and digital media (such as Office and Interfaces which refer to the “real” world) are also forms of confinement? Is it not equally true that mass media production is capable of creating totems, symbols which saturate and even impede the complexity of communication?
With this in mind the aim of the present work is to include media support as an integral rather than a simple backup or channel. This renews the idea that “the medium is the message,” enabling the latter to escape the codified restrictions which languages place on each medium as unchanging or simply reiterative.

project homepage: http://www.influenza.etc.br/logcam
keywords: interactive-deconstructive-patterns-abstract-aesthetics-
subjectivity-flash-formalist-visual software for the Internet
category: conceptual software/without hardware - formal instruction
uploaded by Raquel, 20 Apr 2005

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