flyt dig
Ole Kristensen

flyt dig lets the computer make a drawing based on motion. the software sees through a web cam, decides a direction, and draws a line.

instead of moving yourself, put flyt dig to some use. placed in front of a tv set flyt dig is useful for automated media consumption. the drawings become mappings of movement in time.

you can download and see flyt dig on your own pc. you need a webcam, or digital videocamera attached to the pc. you also need directx from microsoft. it runs happily on recent household pcs with windows 95/98/ME/XP and a recent 3d-accellerated graphics card. it is a very small file.

press INSERT to start or stop rendering
press ENTER to switch between windowed and fullscreen
press SPACE to invert the picture

use at your own risk. flyt dig itself can not do anything destructive to e.g. your hard disk, but sometimes windows freezes or reboots spontaneously. this is usually due to an unsupported graphics driver. no panic. try updating your driver. but do remember to save your open documents before running the files.

Please read this disclaimer before downloading

download here   | report broken link
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keywords: interactive-patterns-performance-stimulation-aesthetics-
realtime-representation-visual-voyeur-instructive software for windows
category: data transformation
uploaded by ole, 13 Nov 2004

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