Ragnar Helgi Olafsson

WEBWASTE // WebWaste is an Internet rubbish dump; a collective yet anonymous dustbin, open to all Internet users. By going onto WebWaste you can browse through the rubbish and inspect what Internet users before you have thrown away. This might include images, texts, sounds and movie clips.
THE DUSTMAN // WebWaste collects trash from your own computer's Recycle Bin and uploads it to the waste dump through the downloadable Dustman-application. This process too is anonymous so no one can know who threw what away.
THE RATS // Like any other waste-dump the WebWaste is home to rats that feed off the trash. These algorithmic rodents trek through the waste, taking bites of images and text and eventually dumping them onto other images and texts. Thereby the rats deform the content of the WebWaste over time.

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project homepage: http://www.webwaste.net/
keywords: sound-junk-design-sharing-musical-
trash-philosophical-lingo-found_object-copyright software for the Internet, windows and mac
category: browser art
uploaded by Ragnar, 13 Apr 2004

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