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PHP sharing authorship hackerly text_manipulation on-line criticism lawyer_resistant deconstructive terrorism psychedelic love friendly windows screensaver interface philosophical plagiaristic subversive unix representation passionate literary realtime open_source lingo voice random conceptual process musical interactive binary sound minimalistic generative automation audiovisual poetry metaphorical archetype semantic mac efficient algorithmic network performance capitalism Google consciousness templates lowtech installation live metaphysical ironic database abuse pop_culture glitch remix illegal sampling visual imagery formalist psychiatric design aesthetics decorative 3d 1980s simulation junk information video post-dotcom trash found_object P2P multiuser Mapping community dos java linux intuitive patterns active educational political feedback filesharing folk marxist chaos constraints obfuscated instructive social anti_information surveillance collaborative voyeur noisy iterative abstract perl posix

pngreader, / Project Gnutenberg
bildschirmgymnastik, joreg
Gnu's Not Unix, Richard M. Stallman
Enigma n^2, Jim Andrews
The Google Adwords Happening, Christophe Bruno
Triggerhappy, Thomson & Craighead
EI, Ivan Bachev
Time's up! expired bitbull screensaver, Peter Luining
WIMP, Data eXchange Laboratory
retroyou nostalG,
WebWaste.Net, Ragnar Helgi Olafsson
ekart (electronic keyword artcenter), david guez -
Polyptique, Frederic Madre & Veronique Muller
Photo Noise, Steve or Steven Read
On Everything, Pall Thayer

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Drunk Eliza
naked on pluto
100.000.000 stolen pixels
Incorrect Music 2

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