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psychedelic parodyware live realtime performance on-line goofy lingo cute psychiatric perl linux dangerous windows hackerly algorithmic unix posix mac abuse trivial gadgety poetry plagiaristic beos philosophical obfuscated found_object political educational metaphorical frustrated screensaver simulation text_manipulation random friendly conceptual subversive ironic design automation deconstructive html open_source dada sound junk sharing musical interactive decorative metaphysical information video database trash copyright pop_culture visual criticism feedback voice eccentric taskbar meme dysfunctional synesthesia disturbing performative desktop scary noisy relaxing nude war process news Google montage glitch porn generative chaos formalist social photography aesthetics sampling representation imagery remix illegal

b0timati0n, amy alexander - e.p. #1,
CueJack, Cue P. Doll
bastards.js, space hijackers
The Bank of Time, Futurenatural
n_Gen Design Machine, Move Design
Rotten Flesh, Jeff Epler
WebWaste.Net, Ragnar Helgi Olafsson
CyberSpaceLand, Amy Alexander (VJ √úbergeek)
Scream, Amy Alexander/
real time contextual art generator, Don Relyea

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