One Word Movie
Beat Brogle, Philippe Zimmermann

One Word Movie is an online project by Swiss artist Beat Brogle and Philippe Zimmermann, which organises the flood of images on the Internet into a flickering film - based on a word provided by the user. A specially programmed search engine, built on top of popular image search facilities available on the Internet, forms the basis for this fascinating exploration of the Internet imaginary. Supplied with that most banal of Internet actions - a search term - the engine produces a hit list of images that provide the raw material for a 'movie' (generated instantaneously using the latest web imagery). With a kinship to structural film of the 1960s and 1970s, this semantic image search raises the cognitive question that has figured prominently in modern art - the relationship between image and text. This time it is posed anew, as a practical and urgent matter, directly affecting the habits of millions of Internet users.

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keywords: interactive-interface-PHP-aesthetics-algorithmic-
imagesearch-animation software for the Internet
category: generative art/algorithmic multimedia
uploaded by onewordmovie, 23 Dec 2004

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