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windows on-line generative authorship sound lingo found_object database audiovisual Google sinclair minimalistic glitch binary scary mathematical fractal porn Mapping aesthetics performance lowtech eccentric abuse visual patterns instructive decorative abstract virus passionate imagery dangerous 1960s process musical c posix mac video philosophical linux dada unix open_source conceptual interactive parodyware surreal hardware interface PHP algorithmic archive realtime semantic installation stream automata pop_culture flash formalist montage remix sampling YouTube

googlepoweredgogglebox, Sam Woolf
Glitch Art, BEFLIX
DataDada, August Black
Movie Mincer, Sergey Teterin
One Word Movie, Beat Brogle, Philippe Zimmermann
Posing at three thirty, Tjark Ihmels, Julia Riedel, Tidi Tiedeman, Tom Klingenberg
Yooouuutuuube, Yooouuutuuube

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