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The googlepoweredgogglebox is a tool I made using Macromedia's Director software to explore the idea of generative film-making. The idea of generative or process art has been around for at least as long as Brian Eno and most probably for a good while longer. It has (some of) its roots in the experimental music movement of the 1960's and the work of avant-garde composers such as John Cage and Steve Reich, and in the work of artists associated with the Fluxus movement, such as Yoko Ono and Nam June Paik . Some contemporary attempts at a definition of 'generative art' and a number of contemporary computer based generative artworks can be found at the website

While there have been several succesfull attempts to create generative music and systems for creating music, generative film works are somewhat rarer. The googlepoweredgogglebox is designed to generate digital film using short pieces of text entered by the user as a 'seed'. The text entered can be whatever you like : a poem, excerpts from a book, or just random words. The program will then take each of the words entered and use them to find image and sound files on the internet, using the google and lycos search engines. These files are then used to generate the film.

[admin's note 13 August 2007: The link to this project is broken ... so far, can't find author by email.]

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keywords: generative-film-authorship-sound-lingo-
found_object-database-audiovisual-Google software for windows and the Internet
category: generative art/algorithmic multimedia
uploaded by smuel, 28 Mar 2003

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