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Writer Alan Sondheim mentioned in conversation about a month ago that, in the 1970s, he'd written a text program that recast the user's text as they entered it...a kind of trickster Windows Notepad. Fascinated, I immediately began working on my own version of this program.

The result is sondheim.exe, a standalone artware application written in Visual Basic that recasts your text, sometimes inserting lines from Alan Sondheim's volumninous output or from my own, based on an internal timer. You can configure the timer to change your text at a variety of speeds (the default is 20 seconds), choose from four different font faces, and freeze the timer to more closely examine the text. In addition to this, sondheim.exe performs the usual text editor functions--cut, copy, paste, save...

This software should work on all versions of Windows (sorry, Mac-people...)

Watch your text change as you use this strange new word processor!

This is a beta-version of this software, so new versions may become available. I would appreciate any and all feedback regarding this application. Please note that, despite the menu option, there is no user's guide as of yet---check back for future versions.

Please read this disclaimer before downloading

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keywords: algorithmic-literary-poetry-authorship-generative-
text_manipulation-random-interactive software for windows
category: text manipulation
uploaded by lewis, 05 May 2003

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