Open Wound
Matt Butler

Open Wound is a language mixing tool developed in the same spirt as a DJ's set of turntables, albeit with a much different interface. By running two copies side-by-side, an artist is able to tag one text's grammatical parts-of-speech and graft it onto another text. Additionally, a word frequency filter is available to leave common words untouched, preserving structure and coherence. The resulting text mash-up can be used for a variety of purposes; Conceptual blockbusting, experimental writing, buzzwords, or fun. Open Wound is a perl CGI script named after the famous cut-up writing techniques invented by the surrealists, William S. Burroughs and others.

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keywords: deconstructive-perl-algorithmic-text_manipulation-random-
category: text manipulation
uploaded by mbutler, 17 Oct 2007

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