Incorrect Music
Andreja Andric

Where software becomes an art form, software development becomes an art practice. Consequently also code testing and code inspection, as activities towards discovering errors in code, become likewise part of the artistic process, being integral part of software development process.
Errors can be catastrophic or just amusing, but sometimes they lead us by a shortcut to secret places we would never find without them.
This little collection consists of generative music pieces which were results of accidental errors in programming. In these pieces the unexpected, absurd, anti-musical, "wrong" result turned out to be more interesting, refreshing and disruptive than the intended one, and the error was kept as part of the creative result.
In "Incorrect Music" a tiny music generator written in Pascal contains a programming ommission - in the first piece the random function can return negative values, while throughout the program it is assumed that its value is always positive. In the second piece, thanks to an omission, only lower byte of each sample is written to the resulting file. The zip file contains source code in Pascal and sound results in wav format.

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keywords: sound-algorithmic-dysfunctional-lowtech-programming-
category: system dysfunctionality
uploaded by Andreja Andric, 15 Jan 2007

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