Archean selforganization
Douwe Osinga

Archean is an attempt to use cellular automata to create always changing patterns that are different each time you run the program.

The idea is rather simpel. Each cell contains a vector of six reals. The average vector of the neighbourhood is then calculated and multiplied by a matrix. This result is added to the vector of the cell. By mapping the six reals to rgb space and filling the matrix with random numbers, fascinating patterns spring to life.

Because of the random distribution of the factors in the matrix, all kinds of positive and negative feedback systems will appear. From this chaos one or more patterns will emerge that are stable and they will drive the evolvement of the image.

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keywords: simulation-algorithmic-genetic-mathematical-random-
realtime-visual software for windows
category: generative art/algorithmic image
uploaded by DOsinga, 04 Oct 2003

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