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Archean selforganization by Douwe Osinga
Archean is an attempt to use cellular automata to create always changing patterns that are different each time you run the program. The idea is rather simpel. Each cell contains a vector of six reals. The average vector of the neighbourhood is then calculated and multiplied by a matrix. This result is added to the vector of the cell. [...]
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Canned Laughter Box by Douwe Osinga
Canned laughter box is a small executable consisting of one button that when clicks, plays a laughter sound. The idea is that you can install this program and anytime somebody tells a joke, press the button. In comedies they use canned laughter to make jokes seem funnier. Why not in real life.
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Google Share by Douwe Osinga
Google share allows you to plot the mindshare of a series of terms within a domain. The google share of a search term for a domain is defined as the percentage of hits for that domain that also contain the search term. According to Google, 5% of all pages containing the word news, also contains fox, beating both the bbc (slightly over 2%) and cnn (slightly under 2%). [...]
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Google Talk by Douwe Osinga
Google Talk generates semi-sensible texts by extending a sentence by looking up what according to google will be the most likely next word. For example, type 'let's see what' and Google Talk finishes this sentence with: 'let's see what you can do to help the Environment by Equipment for USE IN RFCs to Indicate Requirement levels, for compliant SIP implementations.' [...]
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Visual Poetry by Douwe Osinga
Poetry is supposed to project images in your mind. VisualPoetry translates any text into a series of images by looking up the words on Google image search and projecting the most relevant results as a slide show. You can use it to view your favourite poem as a series of images from the Internet to amuse yourself or you let other people guess which sentence or poem is displayed. [...]
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