Nao Tokui / Karl Willis

"SONASPHERE" is a sample-based live sound performance system with a generative 3D interface.
In SONASPHERE, functional units, such as sound samples, effects and mixers, are represented as small spheric 'Objects' floating within 3D Space. Users can easily make connections between these objects via simple mouse interaction and establish signal stream networks.
Parameters of these objects can be assigned to 3D coordinates of other objects within the 3d Environment. For example, the cutoff frequency of a lowpass filter can be controlled through the altitude of a corresponding effect object. The distance between the sample file object and the mixer object, represents the mixer's input gain.
In addition, objects subject forces upon one another; creating hyperthetical 'Electric Charges' and 'Spring'. This mutual interaction leads to complex behavior and interaction via object movement and dynamic changes in the structure of the signal network. Thus the 3D representation can generate interesting and unique sound effects.
By this means, SONASPHERE brings physicality and a generative system to software-based sound performance and enables users to intuitively control sample playback, effect parameters and mixing.

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keywords: audiovisual-random-realtime-interface-performance-
generative-3d-intuitive software for mac
category: artistic tool/audiovisual
uploaded by nao, 02 Mar 2003

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