Infinite Image Productions
Gerhard Mantz

Infinite Image Productions means a series of computer animations by Gerhard Mantz. In these animations a program produces images in the very moment you see them. While normal films play prerecorded pictures, these animations are spontanious and endless. Every image is unique and will never return.

Infinite Image Productions is a model for the creative process. It shows how random functions within hierarchical structures create appealing images. It reflects abstract painting and goes beyond the possibilities of the canvas. In piling images in layers of time the program creates living impressions of space and time.

The order in every piece and the structure of the random factors are fixed. The images resemble each other, while the random varies forms, colors and proportions.

Basic thought of the work was the idea of always finding boths, order and chaos in artworks like in everything.

The same principals compose the sound. From a sound library single notes are chosen and performed in a partly random, partly logical order.

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keywords: audiovisual-random-positive-flash software for the Internet
category: generative art/algorithmic image
uploaded by Gerhard, 26 Feb 2003

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