fleur v 0.2

"fleur" is a text generator based on a search engine. the user enters a word. the program gets related textual material on the Web, splits it and re-builts it randomly.
multiple subjects and new meanings can then appear, as the program runs through several websites, more or less related to the word entered, and puts those different texts together in a cut-up style computer poetry.
produced with flashMX and PHP scipts, it is just a student work, a very very first step to developping my network-based art research.

the homepage of project is in french...
[ so please excuse my english... ]

Please read this disclaimer before downloading

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project homepage: http://cl3mos.free.fr/fleur/
keywords: realtime-poetry-flash-text_manipulation-random-
PHP-deconstructive software for the Internet
category: text manipulation
uploaded by cl3mos, 31 Mar 2003

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