Peter Luining

Window is in fact a window where the part that normally shows the content is cut out. So all content that is underneath Window becomes it's content. Window does not only shows this content, but you can actually click on the content that is underneath it. Giving it a feel of a material object.

I made "Window" in the first place to focus the attention of the user on the nearly always present windowsframe. Something that in my eyes still influences the experience of art- works. Especially nowadays where more and more people start to customize their OS (Operation System). In the programming proces I discovered that I actually could make it so, that the user
could manipulate and click through the window and reach the underlying content.

Window comes in a 4kb zip file that contains Window.exe and readme.txt. The last one is a must read for users of Windows XP and more modern versions of Windows.

feature about this project: Revealing Interfaces

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keywords: minimalistic-conceptual software for windows
category: conceptual software
uploaded by oxo, 28 Jan 2004

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