Digital Objects
Matthew Fuller

Author: This paper presents an analysis of a group of social software projects including Nine by Harwood for Mongrel, OPUS Commons by Raqs Media Collective, and Spring_Alpha by a team lead by Simon Yuill alongside a number of other projects. These are all network-based applications that are aimed at use in workshop situations, and all to some degree or other involve reflexive work on the nature of software. The position of software development and versioning in art activity; the potentials and myths of critical, collaborative data structures; isomorphisms and contradictions between production, composition and use; the relative effectivity of art as a mode for introducing 'supplementary' tensions and potentials in social software are among themes considered here.

This essay was written for Read_Me Software Art and Cultures conference and is published in read_me Software Art & Cultures Edition 2004 .

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keywords: collaboration-community-conceptual-collaborative-social
category: text - software art related/cultural critique of software
uploaded by o, 07 Feb 2005

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