Francis Hunger

F0RWARDPUNK is consisting of 11 mail-adresses, and each will send it’s mail to the next one, without knowing what happened before and where it will be sent after. A loop has developed. Each of the mail-systems is doing what it has to do.

While a mail is in the loop, headerlines will repeat, except the time, that alters. While a mail is in the loop, it will enlarge as much as headerlines are added. The transport information is bigger than the message that shall be transported. This way also the file-size is growing. If the mail has reached a significant size by circling e.g. 10000 byte, it is forced by a small script at student2@hgb-leipzig.de to leave the loop. It is send to another (outside) adress to be later saved on harddisk.

feature about this project: The Work of Art in the Age of Copy & Paste

project homepage: http://f0rwardpunk.irmielin.org
keywords: lowtech-dada-automation-formalist-conceptual-
category: conceptual software
uploaded by francis, 29 Jan 2004

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