Hyperyarn: A Multi-Protocol Realtime Communication Client Server Application + Live Coding Environment

// start coding: 2006.08.11 13:00 PM CST
// end coding: 2006.08.11 13:20 PM CST

Hyperyarn is a conceptual artware project by criticalartware functioning as an Open Source experimental Multi-Protocol Realtime Communication Client Server Application + Live Coding Environment. Hyperyarn is inspired by + intertwingled with ideas such as Ted Nelson's speculative Xanadu systems + Marcel Duchamp's Mile of String project. Hyperyarn hopes to variously entangle script kitties across multiple interwoven {ports|paths} including runme.org, _arc.hive_, Rhizome.org + other ports in playful pseudo-codes, self-recursive systems, extreme programming, realtime data processing + collaborative exchange. Enabling + decentralizing discourse, Hyperyarn facilitates realtime communication on a distributed network between client/server applications. These applications, otherwise known as criticalartware core.developers, will utilize Hyperyarn's encrypted modes (including 1337 speak, artspeak, Jargon Files, critical discourse + Hyperyarn source codes) to collectively improvise live codework, discursive hyperactivity + extreme programming of Open Source artware systems. As a conceptual artware project, Hyperyarn is {actualized|activated} through the process of it's own articulation + documentation of the conversational exchanges that constitute this open artware system.

criticalartware presents Hyperyarn within the ISEA2006 re:mote program during criticalartware's "overcoded: live codework, artware discussion + hyperweaving session" [performance/presentation]. during "overcoded" criticalartware core.developers engage multiple discursive modalities simultaneously in an open cacophonious jam, improvising collaborative strategies of live codework, discursive hyperactivity, open artware development + extreme programming. this sessioning of theorypractices will crease, expand, infold, encode + translate variously interwoven [hacker/cracker] cultures to interrogate the elitism of "leet speek" as artspeak + artworld flirtations with naive outsider status in the formation of marketable artistic identities while pouring a warm bowl of welcoming milk for would be script kittens across distributed ports, applications + platforms. those who login to these conversational networks will {play|participate} in performative social constructions, commenting up contingent pseudo codes of temporary artware systems (i.e. Hyperyarn) + exploit scripts, criss-cross + cross-post on networks of meaning, bounce messages like balls of unspooling Hyperyarn + install online entanglements with a Duchampian Mile of String during ISEA 2006.

As a Live Coding Environment, Hyperyarn includes a self-modifying source code editor, compiler, virtual machine + debugger with network support for collaborative + performative programming projects. Hyperyarn seeks to maintain strict Toplap compliancy as a Live Coding Environment by positioning Coding as a Conceptual Act of Social Artware. Congruent with strict Toplap compliancy standards, Hyperyans offers developers a conceptual coding environment to perform realtime artware development + [hacker/cracker/coder/artist/script kitty] identity constructions in realtime edge to edge autonmy + interdependence. Hyperyarn is written in Hyperyarn to increase self-reflexivity + recursiveness. Hyperyarn allows users to connect through insecure proxies during live coding sessions to further complicate + problematize assumptions + foreground conceptual artware instability, temporality + speculativity. Hyperyarn provides cross platform support for human computers, computational systems + mobile devices + is released under the GNU GPL.

// begin recursion: 2006.08.11 13:00 PM CST
// end recursion: ERROR: too much recursion

project homepage: http://hyperyarn.criticalartware.net
keywords: sharing-deconstructive-irc-performative-social-
category: conceptual software
uploaded by joncates, 07 Aug 2006

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