Petrograph v.01
Kurt Ralske

Petrograph v.01 is a software device that outputs synchronized audio-video art.
The sounds and images are produced in two ways: first, generatively, via algorithmic behaviours controlling rhythm, density, intensity etc. Secondly, behaviours are also controlled by the user input: clicking + dragging the mouse modifies speed, colour, volume, rate of change, etc. Pressing keys on the keyboard may invert color, crop the image, turn on effects, etc. The user's interactions are stored and may reappear to influence the software's processes.

Petrograph can be enjoyed either passively (with no input) and/or interactively. Left to run on its own, Petrograph will produce an infinite amount of unique a/v art. In its decision-making process, the software traverses a web of possibilities modelled after actions that Kurt Ralske might take during his real-time video performances.

Petrograph contains four "scenes" or groups of sound-images. All output is derived from only one minute of video source and 12 seconds of audio source. There are images of a Berlin street, pedestrians, a Japanese mountaintop, seagulls, but the images drift in and out of abstraction, unpredictably moving from literal to unrecognizable.

The output of Petrograph addresses issues of time, impermanence, eternal recurrence, multiple timescales, and the perception of time. Considered as software (apart from the qualities of its output), Petrograph explores an approach to machine-art-making, and proposes an unusual relationship between
the software and its user.

Petrograph was commissioned by Lovebytes and funded by Arts Council Yorkshire and

The application is large (50 mb) and will run under Apple OS 9 only. A QuickTime movie of the application being used is viewable here.

Please read this disclaimer before downloading

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keywords: synaesthetic-conceptual-authorship-performance-installation-
algorithmic software for mac
category: artistic tool/audiovisual
uploaded by Kurt Ralske, 27 Feb 2003

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