Simple Sex Site Cyborg Link Harvester

Simple Sex Site is an online performance simulation of a Porn King, creator and master of the porn world. The Simple Sex Site web site is the interface to an otherwise faceless character. The site is automated by several software applications that populate and manage a large database of pornographic content. The technology is the Porn King, and the Porn King is real.

The backend technology consists of a fighter joystick enabled web browser whose interface resembles the console of a war game simulation. It is called the Cyborg Link Harvester. The text-only browser has the ability to traverse, harvest, and categorize the porn links off of free porn sites in several ways. You navigate through the pages by maneuvering the joystick up or down a list of sites. A left or right maneuver, takes you back and forth through the sites you have already visited. When you press the thumb bombing trigger, the browser harvests the page you are on. When you lower the elevation lever, you launch a nuclear harvest, essentially gathering all the link information off of every site the browser is aware of. The index finger firing trigger allows you to view the content to assure the highest quality. Wartime sound effects are played for each action on the joystick.

When the website first went live, I immediately received a telephone conference call from five flesh and blood porn kings wanting to decapitate me and then defecate down my throat for "stealing" their bandwidth. The site went down immediately for the next several months until I redesigned the site in stealth mode. I have not received a call since.

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keywords: simulation-philosophical-friendly-cyborg-robot-
abuse software for windows
category: browser art
uploaded by sintron, 02 Mar 2003

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