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DOGS by Sintron
DOGS is a surveillance simulation application that used the email and web platform to temporarily terrorize and humiliate a psychopathic individuals immediate community, inducing mass paranoia, panic, and a brutal backlash against him. The application sent an email message originating from Sintron’s email address, to a pre-selected address list which informed them that he had found out that an [...]
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God's Eye by Sintron
God's Eye is a software program capable of creating every image in the universe by serially simulating "God's Eye", thus giving the viewer the possibility of seeing everything that has happened, will happen, and all the parallel worlds in between. The program uses a linear algorithm to generate each image on a 800x600 screen at the rate of 97,000 images per second on a 155MHz computer. [...]
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Simple Sex Site Cyborg Link Harvester by Sintron
Simple Sex Site is an online performance simulation of a Porn King, creator and master of the porn world. The Simple Sex Site web site is the interface to an otherwise faceless character. The site is automated by several software applications that populate and manage a large database of pornographic content. The technology is the Porn King, and the Porn King is real. [...]
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