Simple Sex Site Cyborg Link Harvester by Sintron
Simple Sex Site is an online performance simulation of a Porn King, creator and master of the porn world. The Simple Sex Site web site is the interface to an otherwise faceless character. The site is automated by several software applications that populate and manage a large database of pornographic content. The technology is the Porn King, and the Porn King is real. [...]
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Simple Sex Site Cyborg Link Harvester

Featured by Jacob Lillemose.

It did not take to porn industry long to figure out how to exploit the commercial potential of the Internet. Saving customers the embarrassment of exposing their hornyness in public stores porn could be presented directly on their personal computers. They just had to enter their credit card numbers and the doors of pornographical perception were wide open.
Simple Sex Site Cyborg Link Harvester by Sintron is a browser application, as rational in its formal effectiveness as it is nasty in content and conceptually clever that allows you to get the most out of these stimulating services - for free. The work consists of two parts: The Simple Sex Site, which is a web site (located at of course) that lists links to porn images from different web sites. Or as Sintron calls it, "an online performance simulation of a Porn King, (...) the interface to an otherwise faceless character." The software intestines of the Porn King is the Cyborg Link Harvester, a browser that finds and lists the porn link from free porn sites. The instructions for the text based interface read: "You navigate through the pages by maneuvering the joystick up or down a list of sites. A left or right maneuver, takes you back and forth through the sites you have already visited. When you press the thumb bombing trigger, the browser harvests the page you are on. When you lower the elevation lever, you launch a nuclear harvest, essentially gathering all the link information off of every site the browser is aware of. The index finger firing trigger allows you to view the content to assure the highest quality. Wartime sound effects are played for each action on the joystick." Although, the sound effects and the use of a joystick connote kids' gaming culture this browser is not a toy. It is a tool for grown-ups, a digital combine, and the joy-stick a matter of explicit phallic symbolism. Instead of leafing through tacky, blinking pages it cuts straight to the bone(r) with a minimalistic design. Talk about usability! Simple Sex Site Cyborg Link Harvester should be taught as standard examination requirement at programming schools all over the world. Imagine the seeds that would sow.

When Sintron launched Simple Sex Site Cyborg Link Harvester he received death threats from real life pron kings who accused him of stealing their bandwidth. In this way they exposed their double standards. To want our desires and control them at the same time is both hypocritical and naive. By nature desires are unstoppable and their objectives cannot be controlled. If the real life porn kings want our desires, they have to look in the mirror and accept Simple Sex Site Cyborg Link Harvester as their true heir born by the will to porn. The work makes me recall a remark from Michael Hardt on Danish television about the hypocrisy of the global neo-liberal economy: "The biggest problem with the free market today is that it is not free enough." Or Ani DiFranco's famous quote, "Every tool is a weapon if you hold it right."

by admin, posted 14 Nov 2004

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