Tom Klingenberg

RANDALE! mixes both the concept of ASCII and Pixel Art and transpose this mixture into the shiny and blinky world of animated Smilies and Emoticons.

Runs on Win32 and Wine under Linux and creates text you can paste into your IM Client.

1.) start the .exe file

2.) type in some text in the box on top (optional, you can leave RANDALE! in there for a test)

3.) choose two different smileys by pressing the picture-button (optional, each combination of smileys leads to worser or better readability)

4.) press "copy to clipboard" button

5.) open a skype chat conversation

6.) paste the contents of clipboard into the textfield - you should already see the smileys. take care that the textbox is large enough to not wordwrap the smilies.

7.) press enter to send the banner away.

Please read this disclaimer before downloading

download here   | report broken link
project homepage: http://subfiles.net/RANDALE!/
keywords: visual-smiley-pixel-utility-remix-
lowtech-ascii-chat software for linux and windows
category: digital folk and artisanship/gimmicks
uploaded by hakre, 13 Aug 2007

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