artem baguinski, martin howse

ap0202 makes use of current de-centralized p2p inter-networking technologies to implement multiple self display devices virtually on any networked machine. the environment for the changing code is both the network and the machine on which the software is running cells of code promiscuously modify and are modified by data available to the machine; audio input and output, video, stored information and visual display. code cells communicate, split and join with other code cells both locally and across the global network, working through a vast memory environment composed of both data and code. ap0202 explores new models of cellular coding of great use for future work, implementing flexible new instruction sets and questioning the separation of data and environment from code

ap0202 has recently been use in performance + data visualisation tools such as gdapp

ap0202 is coded in c on linux platform (GPL license)

Please read this disclaimer before downloading

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project homepage: http://www.1010.co.uk
keywords: performance-c-process-live-audiovisual software for linux
category: conceptual software
uploaded by ap, 17 Jan 2003

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