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discomus.exe by Anonymous
A small DOS program that makes your floppy drive play Russian folk song "Chizhik-Pyzhik" karaoke-style. Usage (command line): discomus <drive>
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DOS pseudoviruses collection by Various artists
A collection of DOS virus-like programs. They perform visual and sound effects without any harm to your system. Beautiful and naive.
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Canned Laughter Box by Douwe Osinga
Canned laughter box is a small executable consisting of one button that when clicks, plays a laughter sound. The idea is that you can install this program and anytime somebody tells a joke, press the button. In comedies they use canned laughter to make jokes seem funnier. Why not in real life.
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elgooG (The Google Mirror) by All Too Flat
This is a mirror site in the truest sense of the term. It promotes backwards reading skills (useful for reading the front of an ambulance or playing Scrabble). elgooG also came in handy for people in China to access Google when the Great Firewall of China blocked their access to Apparently the Firewallers assumed elgooG was just a joke and didn't realize it actually [...]
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Coke Gift by Anonymous
From the late nineties. A one-liner; a folk legend; a simple instance of hardware transformation; a new way of looking at your CD-ROM drawer.
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RANDALE! by Tom Klingenberg
RANDALE! mixes both the concept of ASCII and Pixel Art and transpose this mixture into the shiny and blinky world of animated Smilies and Emoticons. Runs on Win32 and Wine under Linux and creates text you can paste into your IM Client. HOWTO: 1.) start the .exe file 2.) type in some text in the box on top (optional, you can leave RANDALE! in there for a test) 3.) [...]
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