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What You Got (J hu$tle's Flying Faders Short Mix) by Jeff 'JHustle' Yan
ProTools audio production software includes graphical automation techniques designed for things like causing mixers to do automated volume fades. Some musicians have noticed that the automated mixer faders - aka "flying faders" - can make interesting patterns - e.g. sine waves. JHustle repurposed this feature to turn it into a real-time animation tool. [...]
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The Cut by Andreja Andric
The Cut author: Andreja Andric year: 2005. media/genre: intervention on found software (machine code producing video effects) compatibility: the program works on PC of any generation, with MS Windows or MS DOS installed. History and concept: One day, Andreja Andric found an interesting program on the Internet. The program was only 16 bytes long. [...]
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Dictionaraoke by Snoogles
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Main Entry: dic·tio·nar·a·o·ke Pronunciation: 'dik-sh&-"ner-A-O-ke Definition: Audio clips from online dictionaries sing the hits of yesterday and today. The fun of karaoke meets the word power of the dictionary.
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