The Cut
Andreja Andric

The Cut
author: Andreja Andric

year: 2005.

media/genre: intervention on found software (machine code producing video effects)

compatibility: the program works on PC of any generation, with MS Windows or MS DOS installed.

History and concept: One day, Andreja Andric found an interesting program on the Internet. The program was only 16 bytes long. It was on the site of demo group farbrausch ( under title "fr-016: bytes". This program performs an attractive animated demo with ever-growing circles on the screen. The hex dump of this program is: B0 13 CD 10 C4 2F AA 11 F8 64 13 06 6C 04 EB F6.

Andreja Andric changed the hex dump in the following way: he eliminated 11 after AA, and left all the other bytes unchanged. The new demo outperformed the previous one in two aspects:

it is one byte shorter (it is now 15 bytes long), and,
instead of drawing ever-growing circles, it now performs a wide variety of attractive visual effects.
In this way Andreja Andric succeeded to produce a very short, elegant, original and clever work. Everyone should applaud to him.

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keywords: abstract-plagiaristic-playing-lowtech-authorship-
category: existing software manipulations
uploaded by Andreja Andric, 23 Feb 2006

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