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the wreckers by Dave Miller
The grounding of the MSC Napoli off the Devon coast, and the public looting of washed-up containers on Branscombe Beach, generated huge public debate. Internet articles, forums, blogs were buzzing with the topic. My latest project 'the wreckers' is concerned with the events on Branscombe Beach, and is what I call a 'debate drawing'. [...]
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Wirescapes 1.0 by John Vega
Wirescapes 1.0 is an exploration of the machine as conduit to the art idea. Interaction with the Virtual Sculpture Interface allows for the generation of infinite form and fleeting moments of beauty and chaos. The VSI provides for the creation of a digital "action painting" and presents opportunities for the user to see what is in the moment and to capture that instant of “seeing [...]
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Lexicon by Andy Deck
Lexicon is an extensible online artwork that invites public collaboration. It offers a series of encounters: with programmatic images, and with strangers who leave their own ideas for processing. The work addresses the relationships between verbal and software languages, and between free expression and coercion.
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NewZoid by Daniel Young
World's only generator of up-to the-minute false news headlines.
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