the wreckers
Dave Miller

The grounding of the MSC Napoli off the Devon coast, and the public looting of washed-up containers on Branscombe Beach, generated huge
public debate. Internet articles, forums, blogs were buzzing with the topic.

My latest project 'the wreckers' is concerned with the events on Branscombe Beach, and is what I call a 'debate drawing'. I'm interested in making drawings that are informed and strongly connected to a subject. Ideally I look to have a debate going on inside a drawing, or even a debate that creates a drawing.

The wreckers is an online tool that pulls RSS feeds and user comments into a computer script, mixes them together, splits them up and converts into shapes and lines. The more user comments entered, the richer the work becomes. My own illustrations are pulled into this mix, and finally the computer script outputs a drawing. This computer output is what I'd describe as a collaborative debate 'mashup' drawing. People's thoughts and arguments are turned into almost random patterns, with just little hints of meaning. Like a conversation out of earshot.

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keywords: RSS-open_source-literary-debate-realtime-
found_object-collaborative software for the Internet
category: generative art
uploaded by davem, 08 Feb 2007

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