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Orpheus Interactive video software, Don Ritter
Story Teller, Tom Jennings
Batmemes, Grasshopper Enterprises
The Jargon File, Various authors. Maintained by Eric S. Raymond
The 8 Bit Construction Set, Beige Records
Elvis Detector, Toggle Booleans
Life vs. Life, Justin Bakse and Eric Williams
Super-Abstract: Software Art and a Redefinition of Abstraction, Brad Borevitz
Code Art Brutalism: Low-Level Systems and Simple Programs, Simon Yuill
Software Art and Political Implications in Algorithms, Pau David Alsina Gonzalez
Lego for a Meta-Theory of Meta-Art-Forms, Andreas Leo Findeisen
A Re-Declaration of Dependence - Software Art in a Cultural Context It Can't Get out of, Jacob Lillemose
100 windows, Peter Luining
Spam, the economy of desire, Alessandro Ludovico
State of the Union, Brad Borevitz
the wreckers, Dave Miller

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