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Elvis Detector Version 1.0
(C) Copyright 1992 TOGGLE BOOLEANS
All rights reserved.

The TOGGLE BOOLEANS Elvis detector is designed to sense the
presence of Elvis or his spirit in your vicinity. It includes
some of the most reliable Elvis detection methods gathered from
supermarket tabloids over the last several years.
If you are running Windows 3.1 then it is best to put the
Elvis Detector in your StartUp program manager group. This way
the Elvis Detector will run as soon as you start Windows,
thereby maximizing your chances of detecting Elvis.

If the Elvis detector goes off, perform the following steps
in order:

1 - Look behind you and under your desk. Elvis almost
always catches people by surprise.
2 - If no one around you looks like Elvis, look a little
closer. Many tabloids have reported that Elvis has
the ability to disguise himself at will.
3 - If you still have not found any concrete signs of
Elvis in the people near you, then look outside and
down the street in both directions.
If there is a discernable trail of fainted middle-
aged women then quickly follow it as far as you can.
If the trail becomes difficult to follow then look
around for the glint of sequins.
4 - If after trying all of the above, you still can't find
Elvis then there's not much more you can do. Elvis
works in mysterious ways. Perhaps the Detector sensed
the spirit of Elvis passing by on his way to visit
one of his most loyal fans.

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keywords: 1990s-folk-surveillance-trivial-realtime-
historical-cute-supernatural-taskbar software for windows
category: software cultures - links
uploaded by amy, 11 Apr 2004

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