Orpheus Interactive video software
Don Ritter

Orpheus is an interactive video sequencing software which permits real time control and synchronization of digital video sequences with any form of live or sequenced music. Orpheus listens to live music and controls the presentation of videoimagery according to various musical elements. The music listener portion of the software provides a musical categorization in real time according to pitch, loudness, note duration, rest length, tempo, and measure. Each musical category evokes an associated response of digitally stored frames, accompanied with a cinematic effect. For example, Orpheus could present an image of a face laughing in response to a particular category of music, while another category of music could present the same face crying. The music could alternate between these two music categories--up to 30 times per second--and the face would respond with laughing or crying in synchronization with the music. Specific associations between music categories and video frames are specified by a user according to aesthetic and temporal criteria.

Orpheus is similar to a non-linear video editing system because it can present video frames and sequences in any order. In contrast to nonlinear systems, however, editing within Orpheus is controlled by musical information in real time, allowing image and sound to be perceived simultaneously. This characteristic allows Orpheus to be used as a performance tool with video imagery controlled by voice, acoustic instruments or electronic instruments. Orpheus can be used in the creation of interactive video performances, within video installations, and in the creation of video tapes. Video imagery can be controlled by voice, trombone, trumpet, saxophone, electric guitar, electric bass, acoustic bass, percussion, keyboards, or any type of device which provides MIDI output.The imagery used within Orpheus can originate as 2D animation, 3D animation or digitized video frames. Orpheus can support images of various resolutions and colors, up to full screen video resolution(736x482, 24 bits).

Orpheus has been designed to provide complete flexibility in the creation of synchronized imagery and music. This has been achieved through the following characteristics:

*any form of imagery can be used by the software( 2D , 3D , digital video)
*any form of music can be used to control the imagery
*various forms of correspondence can be created between imagery and music

Orpheus was designed and written by Don Ritter and has been used in the creation of over 60 interactive video installations and performances since 1988.

project homepage: http://aesthetic-machinery.com
keywords: MIDI-audiovisual-1990s-installation-1980s-
historical software for amiga
category: software cultures - links
uploaded by ritter, 22 Aug 2003

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