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Non_sensor by Influenza (Rafael Marchetti and Raquel Rennó)
Nonsensor is a project that makes use of movement sensors to capture the distortion created by objects that intervene in the magnetic field between the sensors and the antenna. The graphic interface show points which create lines for each sensor; in fact the sensors are fixed, it’s the magnetic disturbance in the system (created by the user that manipulates metallic objects) that creates changes [...]
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NUDENAVIGATION by Arielle Boucly
Nude Navigation is an interactive nude sculpture that makes a connection between the Internet and the human body as spaces of exploration. Once the user understands that tactile interaction with the piece yields a result on the projected screen, the sculptural aesthetics of the nude become melded with its functionality as a new form of computer hardware. [...]
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God's Eye by Sintron
God's Eye is a software program capable of creating every image in the universe by serially simulating "God's Eye", thus giving the viewer the possibility of seeing everything that has happened, will happen, and all the parallel worlds in between. The program uses a linear algorithm to generate each image on a 800x600 screen at the rate of 97,000 images per second on a 155MHz computer. [...]
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stack by robert lisek
STACK is the simple program (and interactive installation) in wich the users operate the erector sets [objects such as latin alphabet, japanise hiragana, alephs, runes and source code of the program itself]. The main goal of project is to show all the limits of the program code. Theee users create the complicated trajectories by moving attactor sets [grouping elements]. [...]
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Netsleeping by Gregory Chatonsky
Netsleeping is a cooperative screensaver created by Gregory Chatonsky. More and more connections are permanent (DSL/cable). It is an immense change in our relation to the network: we don't connect anymore to the Internet with a telephonic modem, the flux is always available, information is just in waiting of navigation like an independent and strange world. [...]
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Timescape by Reynald Drouhin
Can the Internet be exhibited? 24 hous a day search engines seek pictures on the internet. "Timescape" presents a glimpse into these searches as they happen, in real time. The Timescape landscapes appear as fleeting electronic canvases through an accumulation of random photographic mosaics. The contents of the landscapes are different with every new connection and each time the page is [...]
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