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Various CueCat Hacks by Various Authors
The CueCat was a promotional barcode scanner distributed for free to magazine subscribers and electronics store customers in the U.S. in 2000/2001. Consumers were instructed to hook up the device to their home computer, then use the CueCat to scan barcodes on products and print ads - in order to be taken directly to websites advertising the products. [...]
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walser.php by textz.com / Project Gnutenberg
walser.php is a PHP script which, when executed, outputs an ASCII text version of the novel "Tod eines Kritikers" ("Death of a Critic") by the famous contemporary German novelist Martin Walser. When it appeared in 2002, this novel was highly controversial and being criticized as an anti-semitic caricature of a German literary critic. [...]
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bastards.js by space hijackers
The bastards at trafficmanager.co.uk (advertising bastards) linked to us as an example of people who are "pushing the boundaries" of marketing. Basically they wanted to look cool, so made out they were "hip" to us, darling. The bastards. We wrote this script to give them a shock at their next pitch where they try that one. [...]
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The Injunktion Generator by ubermorgen.com
is there any web-site you wanna take off the web using a highly subversive method? on our server, you auto-generate an "INJUNCTION" [.pdf/.rtf format], a standard court-order, claiming the target-website to operate on an illegal basis. this document will then be sent to the appropriate dns-registrar [dns=domain name service], to the owner of the web-site and possibly to some journalists for [...]
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DeArt - DeCSS Art Contest (et al) by Tom Vogt and Various Authors
In January and February 2000, in the case of Universal Studios vs. Reimerdes, et al., a US District Court judge prohibited distribution of the source code to DeCSS - software that reads encrypted DVD's. In doing so, the judge indicated that computer source code was too utilitarian to be entitled, as an "expression," to the usual First Amendment protections on free speech.* [...]
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