SPS by (Karl-)Robert Ek
SPS is working on the world. It is a pedagogical artpiece. The two versions of the wellknown game, paper rock scissors, Iґve made, represent two different kinds of interactivity. The first, SPS, uses the metaphors we are used to in the digital space. For example, as with a 'desktop environment', something happens when one clicks something. [...]
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SPS suggests an unusual mode of human-computer interaction as it does not employ any computer input mechanisms, and there is no physical interaction between the human and the machine. However, the human plays the game with the computer, as if he/she was Kasparov and his or her home desktop was Deep Blue.

SPS does not cost a million dollars and is done very simply, but nonetheless poses the same questions that big enterprises do: What levels of human-computer interaction are possible? How can the image of the computer with feelings, a memory and a playful disposition be constructed?

And finally, SPS translates the game that almost everybody recalls from their mostly analogue childhood playground into the digital realm, the new reality…

by Olga Goriunova, posted 06 May 2003

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