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Connector by ixi-software
Connector is a tool that functions as an algorithmic catalyst. It has two important sides: Sound and MIDI. The instrument can play sound only, midi only or both at the same time. You define a system of connectors that all have their individual properties. When the system has been set up, you can create an "actor" that will travel through the system and trigger sound and midi when it enters a new [...]
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Picker by ixi-software
Picker is an OSC (Open Sound Control) interface which has video and images as colour filters. The four pickers of the application pick up and send thouse colour values as OSC information to the application that hosts the sound engine. OSC is a new protocol which improves on the limitations of MIDI. At present, Supercollider, Max/MSP, Pure Data and Reaktor are good examples of sound software that [...]
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Shell by ixi-software
Shell is composed by two pieces of software. An interface and a sound engine created using Pure Data (Pure Data by Miller Puckette and others, ). It also uses some externals for Pure Data (By different authors). The interface is connected to the sound engine allowing to control transformations applied to different samples by manipulating the shape and [...]
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Slicer by ixi-software
Slicer allows you to create rhythms and textures from any sound you like. Import your sound and move the nodes. Slicer will chop your sound into 8 slices and superpose them. The slices will be created and manipulated acording to some variables that you can control with the control nodes (the ones represented by a square). [...]
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SpinOSC by ixi software
SpinOSC is an interface to programs such as Pure Data or Supercollider that sends OSC messages. SpinOSC allows the user to create rotating objects - spins - that trigger messages while thy spin. The number of messages they trigger depends on the number of boxes that each spin contains (1 to 10 at the moment). The messages are in OSC format (Open Sound Control ). [...]
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StockSynth by ixi-software
This programs allows to pile up several layers o sounds adding all the frequencies and constructing a new sound. You can easily change the amouth of each sound that goes into the final mix.
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