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SpinOSC is an interface to programs such as Pure Data or Supercollider that sends OSC messages. SpinOSC allows the user to create rotating objects - spins - that trigger messages while thy spin. The
number of messages they trigger depends on the number of boxes that each spin contains (1 to 10 at the moment).
The messages are in OSC format (Open Sound Control ).

The messages carry information about the properties of each spin such as: location, number of boxes, size, rotation
speed etc... These properties can be easily controlled and changed by the user.

SpinOSC contains a patch example developed in Pure Data . You can send OSC to many other applications such as SuperCollider (via network, SC only runs on macintosh), etc... It is up to you to map the values you get from the Spins to control whatever value in the receiving end.

In the standard edition sounds can be imported into each spin by droping the files on top of them.

SpinOSC contains parts that are developed and copyrighted by others:
Pure Data by Miller Smith Puckette and others.
OSC external for PD
Python Xtra
Python OSC implementation by Daniel Holth.

Please read this disclaimer before downloading

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project homepage: http://www.ixi-software.net/content/body_software_spinosc.html
keywords: interface-automation-musical-network-tunning-
category: artistic tool/audiovisual
uploaded by dim, 08 Mar 2004

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