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"Exchange what you want with what you want" (E.W.Y.W.W.W.Y.W). by Kritina Lindström, Robert Ek & David Cuartielles
"Exchange what you want with what you want" (E.W.Y.W.W.W.Y.W). E.W.Y.W.W.W.Y.W is a fileshare creating a kind of single meeting between people within the means of exchanging files. E.W.Y.W.W.W.Y.W plays with the conception of unique as when you upload a file it will consequently replace the file of your choice. [...]
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SPS by (Karl-)Robert Ek
SPS is working on the world. It is a pedagogical artpiece. The two versions of the wellknown game, paper rock scissors, Iґve made, represent two different kinds of interactivity. The first, SPS, uses the metaphors we are used to in the digital space. For example, as with a 'desktop environment', something happens when one clicks something. [...]
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