Sound Room Composer
Rikard Lundstedt

[Admin's Note 1 July 2005: This project no longer seems to exist at the external link. Unfortunately we have been unable to locate a new URL for it or contact the author.]

(To get a complete understanding of the work you need to know of two earlier works that led to the making this one.
You can read about them on these locations:

Sound Room Composer

Sound Room Composer is a Java program that allows you to compose music in two dimensions. The notes are placed on a two dimensional surface that represents a room seen from above.

Every Sound Room has its own individual "player" that is represented by a cursor moving among the notes. The cursor is controlled with the arrow keys like in a computer game. When the cursor passes a note, the note is played. The note is being played or "held out" as long as the cursor is within a certain distance (which can be set) from the note.

You can work with several SoundRooms of various sizes at the same time and add notes of various instruments to them. The cursor can be set to move independently in a certain direction and speed (optionally with a rotation) while you work on other Sound Rooms.

When the cursor moves across the edge of the Sound Room it reappears on the perpendicular side and continues. This can be used to create several interesting "musical tapestry patterns" which blends into a polyrhythmic music piece.

I have recently added the possibility to connect a webcam to the program so you can place the cam in the ceiling and let the audiences movements across he room control the soundroom. The program checks the color of the pixels where there is a note and if it differs from the color of the floor the note is played.

This could be used to make an installation where the audience walks around in some kind of "human chimes" (compare to wind chimes).

However, the webcam-option is not included in the version that is available here for download, since it is still under construction.

Note: For some reason this program works better with Java 1.3.1*. If you experience any problems, check which java you've installed.

Please read this disclaimer before downloading

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keywords: sound-audiovisual-multiuser-musical-performance-
installation software for java
category: artistic tool/audiovisual
uploaded by Rik, 17 Feb 2003

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