The Aesthetics of Generative Code
Geoff Cox, Alex McLean, Adrian Ward


Aesthetics, in general usage, lays an emphasis on subjective sense perception associated with the broad field of art and human creativity. Drawing particularly on Jonathan Rée's I See a Voice: A Philosophical History (1999), this paper suggests that it might be useful to revisit the troubled relationship between art and aesthetics for the purpose of discussing the value of generative code. Our argument is that, like poetry, the aesthetic value of code lies in its execution, not simply its written form. However, to appreciate generative code fully we need to 'sense' the code to fully grasp what it is we are experiencing and to build an understanding of the code's actions.

To separate the code and the resultant actions would simply limit the aesthetic experience, and ultimately limit the study of these forms - as a form of criticism - and what in this context might better be called a 'poetics' of generative code.

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keyword: generative
category: text - software art related/aesthetics of software art
uploaded by o, 06 Mar 2003

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