Influenza Skin
Rafael Marchetti

The skin combines XML and quicktime and constitutes the main interface. It adheres to all opened windows of your computer, invades your desktop, contaminating everything.
You open Influenza and it loads automatically the skin. It is possible to access, by the skin, some of the web sites developed by Influenza.
The interface is an original art piece in itself that don’t reveal, immediately, its links. There is not any logic way or defined navigation routes. You are free to explore the web site according to your own rules.
Surprising visual essays are hidden there. Randomic and multigenerative, they try tochallenge the flash aesthetics and its use towards something that goes beyond the videographic mood that is so common today.
All the time, by the way, Influenza tries to rethink the on line art experience and the "usability" parameters, giving new attributes to its functionalities

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keywords: subversive-political-deconstructive-capitalism-provocative-
category: browser art
uploaded by Raquel, 16 Jun 2004

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