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IOUs continually gets the most recent user notes from '' page (""). This is the record of the most recent posts
with a minimum of a single user posting the reference. IOUs doesn't get posts that don't have notes. Because of the popularity of, the ‘recent’ page is constantly changing as users make new posts: several a second at busy times., as part of what the 'social software renaissance', uses 'tagging'. Tagging organises information on the web on a user-lead, bottom-up basis, or so the theory goes, rather than being organised from on high. For this reason it is sometimes called a "folksonomy". That is to say, a sort of categorisation done by 'the people', not the 'experts' (these are 'Taxonomies').

IOUs concentrates, not on tags, but on the "user notes". The "user notes" are.... notes written by the users (about the web resource). They are an opportunity for the contributors to express themselves at greater length than the tags allow. One of the things that is quite striking is the amount of product endorsement. This suggests the possibility that companies are tagging their own products. What happens if the users 'on the ground' are also the people 'up there'? What if the folksonomist is in fact a taxidermist? (sorry, taxonomist).

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keywords: perl-folk-semantic-critique-folksonomies-
category: institutional critique
uploaded by nicemank, 08 Jun 2006

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