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IOUs by Wayne Clements
IOUs continually gets the most recent user notes from '' page (""). This is the record of the most recent posts with a minimum of a single user posting the reference. IOUs doesn't get posts that don't have notes. Because of the popularity of, the ‘recent’ page is constantly changing as users make new posts: several a second at busy [...]
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noumena by wayne clements
‘Noumena’ may be thought of as a software version of ‘Reality’ by the Conceptual artist Jarowslaw Kozlowski. ‘Reality’ is a section of Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason with the text removed leaving only the punctuation. Noumena tries to do the same thing to web pages: remove everything but the punctuation. [...]
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un_wiki by wayne clements
un_wiki gets quotes from Wikipedia the free encyclopedia's Deletion Log: The Deletion Log is a list of all the pages that have abused Wiki's democratic remit; it is the last stop on the way to destruction. It has small amounts of the offending texts. I use a Perl script to get them and throw away the rest. [...]
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